about me/contact

I capture the magic, the uncanny, and the mysterious in everyday life. I try to explore not only natural beauty, but the extraordinary and surreal as well. I want to unveil the charm and mystery in what would otherwise be considered mundane. In my world, there is no mundane. There is only enchantment, dreams, and possibility.

I formally studied music in the early 1990’s and was lucky to take a black and white photography class in 1993. I learned how to develop film and how to make prints over a magical summer and fell in love with the process. As the years went on, photography fell away, but luckily years later in film school, I was required to take black and white photography again and remembered what I originally loved about it. Photography, for me, is possibility. I love that I can see something and find magic. Each photo is a story in and of itself. Look closer and you’ll see more.

Although most of my work is on a digital camera, I still photograph on film with a 35mm and an old Hasselblad medium format. I hope to begin developing my own film in the future and incorporating it into my work.

I describe myself as an introvert who loves possibility and adventure. It is a romantic and naive sensibility and I hope I never lose it.

I get my ideas and inspiration from stories, fairy tales, memories, cemeteries, books, film, sorrow, ghosts, old houses, decay, light, and dreams.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my prints, please visit my Etsy store at: etsy.com/shop/CarolynSilvernail. Any photo I have on this site can be printed. 

If you are interested in licensing my work for album covers, book covers, etc, you may find it at http://www.arcangel.com where some of my work has been listed. If you navigate there and do a search for my name, you will find my work. If you don’t see something you prefer, please contact me at: carolynsilvernail@gmail.com, and we can workout a licensing agreement for you! Thank you!